Get your swimming pool installed

If you're looking to get a swimming pool installed in your home, you may be looking for a number of things. Perhaps you are looking for a swimming pool installer, swimming pool builder, or swimming pool contractor. On this page we will define the differences in what kind of builder or contractor you need, and how each one differs from the next.

Swimming Pool Contractor - A swimming pool contractor will try and get everything done for you. You can use the contractor to dig the holes (if needed), get the parts, take care of delivery, installation, etc. Ask the contractor first though if they plan on doing it all themselves, or if they use other sub-contracting companies to get the job done. This part is important and plays a role in how much the cost is.
Swimming Pool Installer - The installer will basically do just that - install your swimming pool. They may or may not dig any holes. They may or may not be able to sell you the parts for the pool, or drop them off. Basically, installers show up once you've got everything else done, and put the pool in.
Swimming Pool Dealer - A dealer will do the job of selling you the pool, or the parts you need to build your pool. They may also help you to find the pool you want, if you're having trouble deciding.

Swimming Pool Installation Reviews

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