Swimming Pool Slides

Kids love pool slides. I myself am a quarter of a century old, and still love to slide down the slide into the pool when I go swimming. Pool slides are popular among kids especially because they can go down the slide over and over again. A lot of children like to do this. I also admit I liked to do this when I was younger.

If your children have any kind of asthma or breathing issues, we recommend using an ozonator in your pool. This will eliminate the need to use clorine. We mention this because those familiar with asthma sometimes experience breathing problems if using the slide constantly. This is because when reaching the end of the slide, your head will dunk under the water. If you are using clorine in the pool, it gets into your eyes and into your mouth. Use an ozonator in your pool if you are using a slide and you will be a much happier swimmer!

Swimming Pool Slide Reviews

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